Queen - The Platinum Collection Greatest Hits I, II & III (2000) [FLAC] [16bit 44.1kHz]

Disc 1: Greatest Hits (1981 UK version)
No.    Title    Writer(s)    Original album    Length
1.    "Bohemian Rhapsody"    Freddie Mercury    A Night at the Opera, 1975    5:55
2.    "Another One Bites the Dust"    John Deacon    The Game, 1980    3:36
3.    "Killer Queen"    Mercury    Sheer Heart Attack, 1974    2:57
4.    "Fat Bottomed Girls" (single version)    Brian May    Jazz, 1978    3:15
5.    "Bicycle Race"    Mercury    Jazz    3:01
6.    "You're My Best Friend"    Deacon    A Night at the Opera    2:52
7.    "Don't Stop Me Now"    Mercury    Jazz    3:29
8.    "Save Me"    May    The Game    3:48
9.    "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"    Mercury    The Game    2:42
10.    "Somebody to Love"    Mercury    A Day at the Races, 1976    4:56
11.    "Now I'm Here"    May    Sheer Heart Attack    4:10
12.    "Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy"    Mercury    A Day at the Races    2:54
13.    "Play the Game"    Mercury    The Game    3:33
14.    "Flash" (single version)    May    Flash Gordon, 1980    2:48
15.    "Seven Seas of Rhye"    Mercury    Queen II, 1974    2:47
16.    "We Will Rock You"    May    News of the World, 1977    2:01
17.    "We Are the Champions"    Mercury    News of the World    2:59
Disc 2: Greatest Hits II (1991)
No.    Title    Writer(s)    Original album    Length
1.    "A Kind of Magic"    Roger Taylor    A Kind of Magic, 1986    4:22
2.    "Under Pressure" (with David Bowie) (edited version)    Queen, David Bowie    Hot Space, 1982    3:56
3.    "Radio Ga Ga"    Taylor    The Works, 1984    5:43
4.    "I Want It All"    Brian May    The Miracle, 1989    4:01
5.    "I Want to Break Free" (single version)    Deacon    The Works    4:18
6.    "Innuendo"    Taylor, Mercury    Innuendo, 1991    6:27
7.    "It's a Hard Life"    Mercury    The Works    4:09
8.    "Breakthru"    Taylor, Mercury    The Miracle    4:09
9.    "Who Wants to Live Forever" (edited version)    May    A Kind of Magic    4:57
10.    "Headlong" (original Innuendo LP edit)    May    Innuendo    4:33
11.    "The Miracle" (remix)    Mercury, Deacon    The Miracle    4:24
12.    "I'm Going Slightly Mad" (original Innuendo LP edit)    Mercury, Peter Straker    Innuendo    4:07
13.    "The Invisible Man"    Taylor    The Miracle    3:58
14.    "Hammer to Fall" (single version)    May    The Works    3:40
15.    "Friends Will Be Friends"    Mercury, Deacon    A Kind of Magic    4:07
16.    "The Show Must Go On" (early fade-out)    May    Innuendo    4:23
17.    "One Vision" (single version)    May, Taylor    A Kind of Magic    4:02
Disc 3: Greatest Hits III (1999)
No.    Title    Writer(s)    Original album    Length
1.    "The Show Must Go On" (live at Théâtre National de Chaillot in Paris, France with Elton John)    May         4:35
2.    "Under Pressure" (with David Bowie) (Rah mix)    Mercury, Bowie         4:08
3.    "Barcelona" (single version) (performed by Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé)    Mercury, Mike Moran    Barcelona, 1988    4:25
4.    "Too Much Love Will Kill You"    May, Frank Musker, Elizabeth Lamers    Made in Heaven, 1995    4:18
5.    "Somebody to Love" (live at Wembley Stadium with George Michael)    Mercury    Five Live EP, 1993    5:07
6.    "You Don't Fool Me"    Taylor, Mercury    Made in Heaven    5:22
7.    "Heaven for Everyone" (single version)    Taylor    Made in Heaven    4:37
8.    "Las Palabras de Amor (The Words of Love)"    May    Hot Space    4:29
9.    "Driven by You" (performed by Brian May)    May    Back to the Light, 1992    4:09
10.    "Living on My Own" (Julian Raymond album mix) (performed by Freddie Mercury)    Mercury    Mr. Bad Guy, 1985    3:37
11.    "Let Me Live"    Taylor, Mercury    Made in Heaven    4:45
12.    "The Great Pretender" (The Platters cover) (performed by Freddie Mercury)    Buck Ram    The Freddie Mercury Album, 1992    3:26
13.    "Princes of the Universe"    Mercury    A Kind of Magic    3:31
14.    "Another One Bites the Dust" (with additional vocals from Wyclef Jean)    Deacon    Small Soldiers soundtrack, 1998    4:20
15.    "No-One but You (Only the Good Die Young)"    May    Queen Rocks, 1997    4:11
16.    "These Are the Days of Our Lives"    Taylor    Innuendo    4:22
17.    "Thank God It's Christmas"    Taylor, May    non-album Christmas single, 1984    4:19
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