Professional Windows 8 Programming


Professional Windows 8 Programming
pdf | 25.76 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 978-1118205709 | Author: Nick Lecrenski, Doug Holland, Allen Sanders & Kevin Ashley | Year: 2012


It is an exciting time to be a Windows developer. The arrival of Windows 8 is a complete game changer. The operating system and its development platform offer you an entirely new way to create rich, full-featured Windows-based applications. This team of authors takes you on a journey through all of the new development features of the Windows 8 platform specifically how to utilize Visual Studio 2012 and the XAML/C# languages to produce robust apps that are ready for deployment in the new Windows Store.
Professional Windows 8 Programming:

[*]Learn how to utilize XAML to create rich content driven user interfaces
[*]Make use of the new AppBar to create a chrome-less menu system
[*]See how to support Sensors and Geo-location on Windows 8 devices
[*]Integrate your app into the Windows 8 ecosystem with Contracts and Extensions
[*]Walks you through the new Windows 8 navigation system for multi-page apps
[*]Minimize code with Data Binding and MVVM design patterns
[*]Features tips on getting your app ready for the Windows store
[*]Maximize revenue for your app by learning about available monetization strategies
Category:C# Programming, Microsoft C & C++ Windows Programming, Software Design & Engineering

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